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Logic option to download additional content not working


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Hello, just bought Logic from the iTunes store and each time I open it it offers me the option to download additional packs. I click yes. Comes up saying "Downloading Apple Loops Jam Pack 1 Content", "Downloading instruments - Jam pack world Music Content" & Downloading Logic Pro & Mainstage Additional content"


It gets almost 100% of the way through the d/l then comes up with "Logic cannot complete the download".


I think i may have disrupted the original download when i initially bought it a month or so ago - not sure if that makes a difference?


Just wondered if anyone had the same issue or any tips - or a linker to this problem in the forums as I couldn't find the topic. I'd like to either download them, or not have the option pop up! (i'd prefer the former!).


Thanks - Melissa

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OK just wanted to say thanks and post up the link to the advice that worked - but now can't find it in either of those threads.


Basically what worked for me was - (i've kept it super descriptive for those who are just learning like me!):


Plug into the router with cable


Empty the cache in the library (library can be found on Lion by bringing up finder and clicking on 'go' to get the drop-down then pressing alt. Library is invisible but 'alt' button will make it show!)


Go to Library > Caches > and trash "com.apple.audiounits.cache


Then restart the comp in 32 bit (press 32 when the comp is restarting). Open Logic and and your additional content - select one by one the folders to install.


Worked easy. Thanks for your help!

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