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Logic writes MIDI differently than it sounds? [SOLVED]


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Hi All,


There must be a topic for this subject, but I was unable to find it after numerous searches.

I am attempting to play a fast quintuplet rhythm into logic midi. It sounds fine as I am listening to myself play through the computer, but logic is "blocking" notes together. Playback is vastly different from the sound during recording.


What to do?


Thanks in advance!

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As mentioned, turn off Quantizing but you need to click on the Arrange background first before making this change.


There's two basic ways that quantizing can affect MIDI regions; one you apply by first selecting a region and then choosing a Q setting, the other is a global setting that affects all incoming midi. The global setting is created by clicking on the Arrange background and then choosing a Q setting in the inspector. This setting will affect all incoming midi.


You can also undo the quantizing that's already been applied to the parts you played; just select the regions and reset the Q setting in the Inspector.

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