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Kontakt monolith always asking me for samples


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Ok, i'm also posting this on Ni boards as well, but it seems like it may involve the logic project on some level.


I'm at the office some days, and working at home others, so I've been moving stuff back and forth via an external HD. I keep the logic projects together with assets, naturally. For any sampler patches with kontakt, i use the monolith feature which is supposed to keep the samples and save the preset together. When i open the project on the other computer from the hard drive, it's still looking for the samples in my homecomp/logic/whatever. The dialog that I get is a NI one, not a logic one, but i didn't know if there was any reason why that would be happening.


Shouldn't it just look in the relative path? I mean, the file missing dialog is actually looking *inside* the nki file, so why wouldn't it just go to the parent instead of looking all the way back to the HD path?


Sorry if this is unclear.

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