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What is this lead Called?

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I'm exploring the world of synths to expand what little knowledge I already know and I came across this particular lead?



(Listen at 2:26 in 480p)

What kind of lead is it?

I'm not really looking for a remake of it, but I'd like to know where to start on something like it.



I'm assuming based on what I know that its some kind of square.

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It sounds like a TB303 to me. It actually sounds remarkably similar to the one used in the Blade soundtrack that Public Domain (and some other people) sampled and may be a sample from that, but it isn't hard to recreate;


You can use the ESM in Logic to make something similar in a couple of ways

In the synth itself - use a mix of saw and square (more of the square) and with the filter resonance set to full and the cutoff to be modulated by the decay envelope, with the init set to provide the point to glide down from and the cutoff set where you want it to end up, and then a bit of distortion from the overdrive


OR, to get (I think) a better 303 sound, don't use the built in filter or distortion (ie cutoff full, resonance zero and distortion off) and open up an autofilter instance, using the envelope in that to modulate the cutoff of the 6 or 12 dB filter and then a hefty chunk of output distortion.


Finally, once you have made a patch you like, if you wanted to recreate this sound properly you'd have to resample it and bung it in the exs24 so that the filter tracking wouldn't have to keep up with the speed of retriggering. Also, you could EQ out the low end and distort again to get that over the top hardcore sound.


I can put that advice into a channel strip setting and send it to you if you'd like :)

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