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Logic/Maschine/Mackie Control workflow???


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Every video and article about this shows how it's setup but nothing about what you can do and how you do it??


I have setup up Maschine/Mackie control and Logic and I can do the obvious fader and pan movements etc.


I would like to dig deeper and customize templates especially with regards of engaging plugins/bypassing them and controlling them and a lot of other things that will keep my hand of the mouse.


Where do I go from here?? I would like to be able to mix and work as much as I can from the Maschine controller and not the mouse.


Can anybody point me in a direction of videos and artikles that will make me understand what Mackie control and Logic relates and if I'm lucky perhaps some information or video with maschine and logic in mackie control mode (not the setup part)..


All the best Morten

:D :shock: :D

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Hi friend,


I spent the year 2019 mixing only with the MK1 maschine in MACKIE mode controlling my logic pro x.


I developed a model for myself that will definitely continue in my 2020 setup.


I saw that this post is around 2014, but if you are interested I can share with you my model and make a video explaining all the functions.

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