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High frequency noise recording guitars in Logic Pro

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I am an experienced music composer with an irritating problem (quite embarrassing really that I can't seem to fix it).

When plugging electric guitars or basses into my rig which is a UAD apollo into logic pro, sometimes via an Avalon 737, I have an annoying high frequency signal noise that I cant get rid of. It leaves it's mark on every recording I do in this way. I've tried DI boxes with ground lift, different guitars/basses, cables, leads, different positions in the room etc. I can gate it out but that's no good when you want a nice open sustaining sound for example. There are no fluorescent lights only mains lighting and a low voltage lamp but the noise is there whether the lamp is on or off. This noise has been the same wherever I have my rig, different studios etc.

Does anyone have any ideas how to get rid of this? The path is clean when using mics it only happens with instruments with pic ups.




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