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Synth pitch bend effect

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Hello, I'm trying to find out how to create an effect like you can hear at 1:23 at the above link. I'm talking about the high pitch synth that's being pitch bent. Is there a less manual way of creating that type of effect without manually pitch bending it or using automation?



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I guess loading a preset would be less manual.


Honestly, just automate or HyperDraw a pitch bend. It gives you a lot more control, you can add curves, and whatnot.


Portamento/Glide can be used to make big pitch drops/bends, but they'll occur between every note. If you set a synth to legato mode, you can make it so that the glide only occurs on overlapping notes (with most synths, anyways).


Envelopes can create pitch bends for you, but they'll be the same for every note. Simply set no sustain with no attack, and a decay time of your choice.


Finally, you can get creative with velocity if your synth allows velocity to modulate envelope amounts. Set an envelope to modulate pitch, then velocity to modulate the envelope amount. Set it so that notes with a velocity of 1 have no envelope modulation, whereas 2-127 add in more and more pitch bend.


There are thousands of ways to do it.

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