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hard drive config ideas

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currently using a 2006 macbook pro with 2 internal 7200 drives, and i'm wondering if i can squeeze a bit more performance out of this thing...maybe i don't even need to


anyways...using the main drive as per usual, with the 2nd drive for audio/projects....samples and libraries are all on the system drive


because i can only max the 'puter out at 3g ram, which i have, i need to rely on bouncing and freezing...but even that seems to stall things sometimes


would i see any kind of improvement in audio handling, by moving the projects and audio to an external drive ??


in this case i would reinstall everything and use the 2nd internal for sample streaming....


this would mean down-stepping the audio drive from a sata (only 1.5 g i think) to a fw800, unless i shell out for an esata card


my mind is awash with options..help me.......please :oops:

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Why don't you get an SSD for the system instead?


thanks :)


that was just one of my possible scenarios...the problem is that of bang to buck...don´t have much buck but want a lot of bang


my laptop is for everything, not just music...currently have 2 internal 750 gig drives....a system drive at 240g is all i can afford and would feel really tight if all my samples were also on the same ssd.....


would a system and sample ssd not bottleneck in the same way ??


i did think of maybe keeping the system drive as a hd, the 2nd internal as ssd for samples...and then i could bung the disk i remove into a owc firewire enclosure for the audio drive


currently have many different needs fighting for the same purse, and if there is not going to be too much benefit then i´d rather put the money on a 61-key controller which i think would be a greater enhancement to my workflow

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