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Can't stop playback in cycle mode


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hi there, i'm new to this forum and couldn't find any help on this topic so sorry if there is already a post on this.....


I have been running into this problem quite often lately: With cycle mode turned on i will be using the graphic eq with the analyzer on when the plug-in freezes and then when i go to stop playback it does not respond and continues playing the cycle until i have to force quit logic. While it is doing this my computer is functioning normally outside of logic and i can still even perform some functions within logic, and all the while my cpu meter is less than 1/3 full. Was wondering if anyone else has come across this problem and if there is any way to prevent or work around it (aside from not using eq while in cycle)


im running 9.1.8 in 32 bit on 10.8 and playing through a presonus audiobox via usb



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