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Help in creating this kind of crispy toasty beat

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Hello fellows, hope all of you are fine and this very Logic place :D :D


This time seems to be more difficult than expected, trying to build a beat like this, it kinda goes out of my usual array of samples & tecniques


Is there Vinyl Crackle added on?

It gotta be a sexy slowy beat with a lot of groovyness


It's better to find a groovy beat like this then proceed to split/mangle it up


start with a drum kit?


SOME EXAPLES of what i mean







thanxxxxx :D

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I would just program your own. First spend some time getting some sounds that sound like what you want. Try working with super short envelopes to make those very very short sounds that almost sound like lips or mouth noises. Then programming the groove with those sounds.


I don't hear any vinyl crackle but only gave it a very quick listen on the iMac built-in speakers.

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