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Introducing myself.


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Just introducing myself. As I learn I hope to be able to help others on this site in turn.


My name is Vikki (Anise is an internet handle of old since Vikki is already taken on here). I compose just for my own pleasure and lean toward orchestral synth, soundscapes and sci-fi.


I haven't played anything in some time. Eight years ago I chopped in a V-synth and a Fantom-XR for a Roland G-70. That was the biggest mistake I ever made. I struggled with the G-70 as it wasn't really very friendly (midi-wise) in my set-up and I eventually stopped using it altogether. It was great as a standalone and I occassionally played music from books but composing is my joy.


So I had a G-70, Triton le, SC55 and a Supernova IIR sat in my studio doing nothing. I got into Xbox 360 gaming and that was what I did in my spare time for a few years but I got fed up of that.


I decided to see if I could part-ex the G-70 and found a shop that would not only give me a decent amount for it but would also send out a flight case to pick it up at the same time my new board was delivered.


I went for the Korg Krome. I'm very happy with this keyboard but I have noted that the Triton le and the Krome share some patches.


A couple of days after getting the instrument definition file done for Sonar 2 my PC decided to die. I didn't want to buy a new PC (my dead one was a lowly e-machine from PC World and was very old) as I knew I'd have to get a decent one (my old one struggled it was that slow). I decided to move my 2009 20" Mac into the studio and buy Logic Pro 9 from the App Store. What caused that was trying to install Sonar 2 via Parallels. It wanted DirectX 8.1. It installed DX8.1 and the next install said it wanted DX8.1. I was headed for an infinite loop so quit while I was ahead. Hence the Mac is in the studio (I use my iPad indoors mostly anyway so the Mac was hardly used).


My goodness but was that ever (and still is) a learning experience. It took me ages to get the environment set up with patch names and all. Last night I finally (after 2 weeks of having Logic) managed to get the Supernova IIR to play nice. I had a problem that when 'Send Used Midi Instruments' was used it would screw up the SNIIR. I discovered that the patches where being sent first then a Performance change which wiped the changes. Since the SNIIR always boots up with my multi-timbral performance I just changed to Global channel to 16 so it wouldn't get the erroneous Perf Change message. It worked a treat.


Trying to get my Mac to record and output the arrange tracks proved a very strange experience. In the end I decided that when it was recording I wasn't getting any output from internal samples and a quick look at the mixer circuit showed that the Tape In is disconnected when Tape Out is selected and vice-versa. Tried putting the output of the Mac on to a proper channel on the mixer but that lead to some funnies as well. Quality of recording wasn't great either.


Decided to buy an external recorder and got a Tascam DP-004. Wow! Very pleased with that. It records what comes out of my Behringer mixer a treat. Quick convert to wave file and USB transfer to Mac and I have a beautiful recording. Audacity to make MP3. So happy :D


So, all in all, I've been a busy kitty over the last couple of weeks just getting my system set up. I've still got a huge amount to learn but right now I can get back to making the music I like and gradually learn the finer points of LP9 as I go.


Thanks for reading. :D



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