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Vocal Clearance


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Hey guys,


I worked with a vocalist a couple of years ago who recorded on a few of my tracks (Just recorded her vox - she didn't write). I've recently had the tracks mixed & now want to release them on iTunes. I was just wondering if anyone knows whether I'm legally obliged to clear the tracks with her before use?


many thanks,


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Hmm, legal advice from the internet. Still does not sound like the best idea. But, here we go, remember I'm not a lawyer, and disclaimer, and yadayada...


It really depends on what you agreed with her (spoken or written). If there's no clear agreement, I would not risk it.

BTW, not all laws are the same worldwide, and since you don't say where you and your tracks are located it is hard to give specific legal advice, even for those who could (socalled "lawyers").

In the US, with its' "anybody can sue everybody for anything" sort of culture (I know, I'm probably exaggerating), I'd be extra cautious. Unless she signed some paper (that you have) I would not risk it.

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