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Copy Paste Notes From Region to Region Grayed Out?


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See pic.


This is a little nuance I've run into many times.


In the picture you see the piano roll of two adjacent regions. On the right hand region, the notes toward the top are grey'd out. That is because I tried to copy paste the pattern from the left hand region. Logic doesn't seem to like copying patters over regions. Often I solve this by simple making the two regions one, but I don't want to do that now. It's almost like logic is saying "hey, you don't want to do that, so I'm gonna go ahead and mute these for you. And you can't unmute them. Better luck next time."


But I DO want to do that. And I'm glad logic is trying to look out for me for whatever reason, but why is it going to make it so I CANT unmute those notes!?


I don't like when computers have that kind of attitude. Where's Sarah Conner when I need her.


Also how can I get around this?


Thanks! :D


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Ah great, so it is actually pasting into the SAME region, that makes sense.


I'm stuck here though... Maybe I'm not reading into this correctly, but it also seems that you are talking about doing this with ONE single note at a time...


A better solution is to either use the pencil tool to select the note you wanted to copy, then to click where you want to paste it. That will paste the note in the region that is located where you paste - so the note will play.


Another solution which might work better for complex chords where you don't want to pencil new notes one at a time:


1) In the Piano Roll with the Pointer tool, double-click one note from the chord you want to copy/paste. You are now only seeing the contents of the source region. Select the notes or the chord.

2) Press Command-C (Copy).

3) Double-click the background of the Piano Roll. You are back to seeing the contents of all 4 selected regions.

4) Double-click a note from the destination region. You are now only seeing the contents of the destination region.

5) Place the playhead where you want to paste and press Command-V (Paste). You've pasted the notes or chord.


Now how can I apply this to an entire pattern of notes? Again I might have just missed something here...

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