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Custom Ultrabeat Kits


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I've heard of people creating Ultrabeat kits by simply creating folders containing the samples you want in a given kit and dragging said folder to Library>Application Support>Logic>Ultrabeat Samples and thus storing the folder along with all of the stock kits provided with Logic. I however have been unable to achieve this thus far. The only way I've created custom kits is by dragging and dropping samples one by one into the drag and drop kit, which needless to say is a time consuming process, especially when you have thousands of drum sounds. Can someone PLEASE enlighten me and tell me what I'm doing wrong? What step am I missing? I drag and drop my folders but they just don't show up in Ultrabeat. I can't continue creating kits one sample at a time. There's gotta be a better way :cry:
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Just dropping samples in a folder will not keymap them, or put them in kit format.


I would create the kits in the EXS24, then import to Ultrabeat.


In the EXS editor you can drag and drop multiple files, and choose various mapping options.

Unless your samples are multi-layer, the default will map the samples chromatically across the keyboard.


Save the instrument, engage the import button on Ultrabeat (not the triangle), that will bring up a menu where you can navigate to the EXS instrument, load and save in Ultrabeat.


You stil have to use Ultrabeats mixer for final tweaks on levels and panning.



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