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EXS stock sounds in Kontakt format ???

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Hi there,

Does anyone know of a Kontakt version of all the EXS stock sounds (Garageband) ?

I've tried CD Xtract etc... but the converters are never accurate and the feel is never right...

Just wondering if there is a third-party version of these samples... in other words, someone who has really spent some time to figure out all those settings to exactly match the sound and feel of these samples....


Many thanks !!!!





Mac Pro 5,1 (mid 2012), 64Gb Ram, RME UFX, Mac OS 10.9.5, Logic 10.2.4
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I'm afraid not. What are you using them in kontakt for? If you are using them for stacking instruments you might want to go into a sample editor and combine the samples together or even use the exs mapping tools for the samples for that matter. If you really need kontakt for whatever you want, just open the mapping editor in it and adjust the samples to your liking.

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