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Tool icons don't work in 10.8.4? [SOLVED]

Sam Elektron

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Hi there,


Just upgraded from 10.7.4 to 10.8.4 and now the prompt assist icons in Logic 9.1.8 (e.g. the loop tool, stretch tool and even the scissors, glue and so on from the tools menu) don't show anymore... this is indeed a bit annoying, anyone had this too? They still work alright and luckily I know Logic for 4+ years, but still...


What can I do to get them back, I seem to run the most current versions of OS X and Logic...


Thanks, sam

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Thanks Eric, didn't find that topic - my bad! Got the bug fixed as described... (had to assign Logic to Desktop 1 - no full screen mode used and I always use the escape button for the tool menu).


Apart from that (and having to reinstall my control surfaces), all seems fine in 10.8.4 - it even seems to squeeze out a bit more performance from my machine...



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