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Not right note I think...


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Hi everybody!


I am a new user of Logic pro, and please forgive me if my english is not good... english is not my first language, but I will try to be comprehensible :/


So, I would like to talk about a problem I have with a bass sound of logic pro. I was making a bassline for a song, but when i listened to my work I found it sound bad. Just one musical note. (I am using Liverpool bass)


I think the problem comes from the software itself. When I play de B between C1 and C2 on the keybord, I find it sounds more like a C than a B. And when I compare the sound with a piano I think I am right. It's not really serious, but a little bit disturbing enough for me.


So my questions are. Am I crazy or do you think the same about this musical note? And is it possible to lower the note a quarter tone to make it sound right?


Really thanks for your answers and sorry for my bad english again,

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I'm not in front of logic at the moment so I can not check the note for you but if it sounds off to your ears then you should try to fix it.

There are several ways of doing this.

You can create a new instrument from the old one and create a new zone for that specific note, duplicate it's sample and pitch it.

You could also use pitch wheel automation to simply pitch down the note in question instead.

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