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Notes sustaining in copied part [SOLVED]


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Hi all,


Okay, I have a MIDI piano part on Track 1. I want to start copying and pasting sections and doubling in other MIDI tracks (different instruments.)


The problem is, when I copy and paste an excerpt into, say, the flute part, because the piano part was recorded with heavy sustain pedal, all the notes in the flute part are running together. I want to keep the sustain in the piano part but have it double with no sustain in the flute part.


I thought the Note Overlap tool in Piano Roll would solve this but it didn't. Maybe I am doing something wrong?


Thanks in advance!



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There are multiple ways to do this... you could open the flute region in the Event List (in the List area to the right of your Arrange area), select one of the sustain events then choose Edit > Select Similar Events, then press delete.


Or, in the Piano Roll, choose View > Hyper Draw > Sustain Pedal, then shift-drag to select all Sustain nodes, and press delete.

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