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I don't know if I can explain this correctly, but I'll try my best.


I want to do vocal comping. I go to record a second take.


And this is why I never end up doing it:


If I want to delete that second take, it's still that super annoying comp menu for my own take, after having deleting the other second take.


The only way I see how to get rid of the comp is some exporting options or deleting it from the arrange and putting it back in from the bin.

Any help?




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I'm not sure I understand the issue either... do you mean you wish the comps involving the take you deleted were automatically deleted also? Screenshots would probably help clarifying your issue.


I was literally coming back to comment that choosing flatten will oftentimes put some white markings across the regions that indicate some comping has been done.

The "white markings" between the regions you get after flattening are crossfades. You typically want to keep those to get smooth transitions from one region to the next, but you can get rid of them if you don't want them: option-click them with the fade tool.

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Haven't tackled key-commands much... this one makes editing comp takes nice & clean... I might make a 'new track' for the 'takes regions' that are to be defeated; not sure if any 'delete' (by this method) would be destructive :?


thanks david

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not sure if any 'delete' (by this method) would be destructive :?

No. Deleting in the Arrange is rarely destructive, and the rare times when it is you will get an alert asking you to confirm the deletion, like this:


LP[/b] gives me a chance too.

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All of this is why I completely separate the process of recording takes from comping them.




If all the suggestions here aren't enough, here's one more. Create a bunch of new tracks via: Track / New With Same Channel Strip/Instrument. This will create several subtracks, which all point to the original channel strip. (I find this kind of track so handy that I have a key command so I can create several in a few seconds. I use these kind of tracks all the time for a variety of purposes.)


Record your takes, one on each subtrack. When you're done, select all the takes and then Pack Take Folder.


I like doing it this way because when the takes are not yet in a take folder, I can easily reference, delete, mute, colour, resize or even edit any take or section of a take while I'm recording the performances.


Of course, if you've already done the recording and are well into comping when you discover that you need more takes, then David's Control-select-delete method would be pretty handy.

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