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Logic in 64 bit mode does not see Presonus Faderport


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Has anyone solved this? my actions have been


Call Presonus:

On their suggestion I downloaded the Faderport firmware update: that update 1.3.8 dated Mar 14 2012 (!!!)


-updated Faderport


Downloaded and installed what presonus calls their 64 bit bundle: dated June 15 2013


I any of you have been trhough this and gotten it working, please weigh in. Thanks. Dave (Logic back in 32 bit mode for now)

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Here's what presonus support suggested, which seems to work:


Try and install the Faderport 1.2 driver (driver version 1.3.3) first, and then try and do the Firmware 1.3.8 updater again.


Remove the Faderport from your control surfaces, close Logic, unplug the device and plug it back in, and open logic again.


Came up a treat in 64-bit mode. However the thing is still pretty useless. the Pan knob jumps around all over the place and it only writes automation for the first couple of seconds when you put your finger on the fader in Touch mode.


I sent another message to their support about this, but no reply yet (about 4 months later). It has since been resigned to first a glorified transport controller, then a box in the attic.


Also the default control surface setup it comes with doesn't have a couple of buttons assigned correctly (the automation mode buttons IIRC)

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