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Recording level problem with RME UCX


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I have an serious problem with the recording levels in Logic 9.18. When I set the input gain in Totalmix to a reasonable level, the input meter of the recording channel in Logic is barely moving. To get the sufficient level in Logic requires so much gain in

Totalmix, that there will be peaking and hiss. This problem is only in Logic, in Pro Tools levels are fine. My computer is iMac 2.8 GHz Intel Core Duo with 4 Gt RAM, using Mac OS X 10.6.8. All the drivers for the UCX(Firmware, USB and Firewire) are up to date. My previously used audio interface Motu Ultralite mk 3 works fine with the same setup.


Greets, Janne

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Hi Janne,


The first thing to realize is: Logic has absolutely ZERO effect on the audio signal being recorded or its recording level. The recording level is determined by the gain on the preamp, before it's converted to digital.


Next, I know I've noticed what you're talking about when I was working with a RME FF800 and Total Mix, however it's only a visual thing: the meters don't look the same, but they actually display the same value! That's totally possible. The issue is that you're not looking at the numbers, instead, you're looking at how high the meters reach... but ... that does not mean anything. So look at the exact values, the numbers, and you'll see they're the same. All meters aren't created equal, and TotalMix meters will look as if they're reaching higher than Logic when in fact they both display the exact same level.


The TotalMix meter and Logic's meter displaying the same - 13 dBFS signal (notice the different scales to the left of the meters):




Even in Logic you can change the behavior of the meters: control-click the dB scale to the right of the meters in the Mixer, and you'll see a choice between Exponential and Sectional dB linear. Notice how the scale is changing when you switch between those settings, which demonstrates how different meters can display different heights for the same value.


Logic's two different meter scales displaying the same -16 dBFS signal:



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