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recording audio: getting distorted crunch noise

elevator tribe

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I have tried to record audio onto a track

but I am getting a cycle of noise coming through, sounds like a distorted crunch noise


First tried a drum machine

then tried a live microphone recording some bongos


both times it came though


ANy idea why its happening and what i can do?


I have been using alsesis adat equip for a LONG time

Im new to the mac book pro and logic


I use a Zoom 4hn recorder as the interface





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Hi ET,


First, please share with us your system information: see rule #5 at rules.php


Is the Zoom new? Used? Have you ever recorded successfully with it before?


Do you know if your Zoom needs a driver to run, or does it use the Core Audio driver? If Zoom makes their own driver, then make sure you go to their site and download the most recent driver compatible with your version of OS X.

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