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Bug using "Snip: Cut Section Between Locators" [SOLVED]


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I'm in the middle of a big movie-project and want to split my full-length project into cues.


Since I normally work in Pro Tools, I'm used to the "Cut Time" function there, but I've seen several bugs using it. For this project, Pro Tools removes random MIDI-data when I cut time, and since the files originates in Logic, I figured I might as well try doing it there. After (A TON!!!) of looking around, I finally found the function mentioned in the topic on this forum, kindly explained by David. (thanks!!)


However - Logic gives me a different bug. When I use the function, it bugs up my time signature changes. Since this is synced to picture, they are used regular throughout the project. I have a 3/8 change, and it is ignored.


I tried it on a different que, and the function seemed to work perfectly there (only one change from 4/4 to 3/4), so I'm quite sure I'm doing it correctly:

1: Select the bars using the locators (for this cue, bar 1-279)

2: Run "Cut section..."


3: Logic removes/edits the time signatures, leaving a project useless for prepping for recording.


Any tips/ideas is HIGHLY appreciated as I'm kinda on a deadline ;)

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Here is the project file.


What I have done with the project prior to this (aka. how I normally prep.):

- Deleted all regions before and after the section I want, and muted regions inside the wanted cue

- Deleted ALL automation data

- Deleted ALL controller data (only notes remain)

- Merged the regions per track

- Renamed the region to match the track name

- Deleted unused MIDI-tracks + all audiotracks


This is what I do before I try to cut in the project and export the MIDI for further editing in Pro Tools (sorry, I work faster with quantizing in PT..). For the purpose of this upload, I have also removed all notes inside the regions.


The only thing that remains now is cutting between where the locators are currently at.


I tried a third project, and that also works perfectly - although no x/8 time in that project.


Project file

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Looks like you got the same result as I did...


See the attached images in the zip. At bar 263, there's a change to 3/8 time, but that time-change is removed completely once you've done the cut.


I can probably fix this manually after the cut (I'm assuming Logic will fix any off-beat error automatically when inserting a new time-change..?), but that's really not how I'd like the function to behave ;)


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I often get time signature errors when using Snip too. It almost invariably alters the movie start time too.


If I have a cue like yours I just leave all the blank space in. It doesn't bother me, also when those cues are in Pro Tools for recording. The orchestral parts would simply start at bar 257.

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See the attached images in the zip. At bar 263, there's a change to 3/8 time, but that time-change is removed completely once you've done the cut.

Ok you're right, I tried again and the 3/8 time signature disappeared after the cut. I believe it may be because Logic tries to automatically change your time signature to make sense of that cut, because you're not cutting an integer number of bars - so Logic has to insert new time signature(s). Of course, we wish it would do it in a different, smarter way.


But lengthen your cycle area just a few beats to reach the next first beat of the next bar, so you're cutting an integer number of beats, and try again. It conserves the 3/8 time signature change... and I believe the others as well?

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That seems like it did the trick. Thanks a mill, David, you are indeed a lifesaver! :)


I found another way using Sibelius (yeah, who would have thought good ol' Sibelius would "beat" two DAW's),

but doing it directly in Logic is much faster!

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