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Can I create new icons?


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You can create your own icons for tracks. User-created icons are saved in the following folder: ~/Library/Application Support/Logic/Images/Icons.


These icons must have the following attributes:


• 128 x 128 pixels in size


• An alpha channel for transparency


• Must be saved in the portable network graphics format (with the .png suffix)


• Must be given a filename that starts with a three-digit number


Note: If this number is identical to the number of one of the built-in Logic Pro icons, the icon found in the user folder is given priority.


You also have the option of directly replacing the built-in Logic Pro icons, which are found in the /Contents/Resources/Images folder in the Logic Pro package.


Source: Assigning Track Icons in the Track Parameter Box


Also see:


• Logic Icons with transparent drop shadow (Photoshop guide)


Logic Pro Track Icons


• AU Icon Collection

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Brilliant! I am actually planning to open THEIR icons, edit their look, and save-as with a free number. This will help my work process, musical theatre demos have 8 lead singers sometimes.!!! WONDERFUL. Dave
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