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Midi controller not working after TASCAM driver update


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I've been a logic studio user for years - although not great technically


I've had to update my audio interface (tascam US – 122L) driver because I updated my software. I successfully downloaded a driver that works as they no longer make the US-122L model.


Since doing this, my midi controller (keyboard - technics P30 - had it for years and I love it - don't knock it) is NOT sending midi data through to logic…


I believe I have set up midi correctly through the audio midi setup in utilities but not completely sure


The midi works but my keyboard is not responding (I see a red-light flash on the Tascam when I hit a key) but no sound.


When my keyboard was working, occasionally midi would simply cut out. I would then have to remove the Tascam usb then replug in for it to work again...


Starting to panic. Let me know if you need more info.


Can you any guru's help at all?

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I have a similar set-up - Technics p30 and Tascam US-122. I know it's a superseded model, but it has always done everything I want, and it's a really nice piece of industrial design. So I updated my iMac this week, as per my sig, and now the tascam doesn't respond. I went to the Tascam website and found the new driver, which it says is 10.8.4 ready, but it simply says 'no device' when I fire it up.


Does anyone know if this is solvable? I would buy another Tascam if I have to, but as I said, I like the look of this one.

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Thanks Eric!


Actually I have decided to stop being so cheap, and buy one of the newer Tascams. I think the US-144 mkII is the linear descendant of the one I have now, it's a good looking unit and on the US market for around $149.00, so I think I'll just take the plunge.

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Well, I did as I said, and bought a Tascam US-144 mkII. In fact, this involved ordering it online in the US and then picking it up when I visited. So I have brought it home (to Australia), and installed it, with trembling hands.


It doesn't work.


It shows up in Sound but when it's selected for Output, a message appears beneath saying:


"The selected device has no output controls'.


Ditto for Input.


Tascam appears to have zero support on its site. I might try posting this to Apple Communities too, but I thought I would try here first as you folks are specialists in digital audio and midi.


FYI I downloaded the latest driver from Tascam and followed the install instructions (i.e. 'install software before connecting device'.) I also downloaded the firmware update. But so far, nada.


When I go to the interface for the device, I do notice that the entry against 'Digital Input Signal' is 'no valid signal'. In the Audio Devices utility, the device appears, but the volume sliders are set to zero and won't respond.



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