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Stereo out & Mid Side


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I would like to base my question on this example:


I have completed a project that consists of 30 tracks (audio & isntruments). On the whole song, I would like to give different effects for mid and for side. I do it in such way: In each of these 30 tracks i change "Stereo Out" to any another bus, and in that bus, i use 2 sends (then i use Voxengo msed for each other, encoding, decoding etc., etc) - This way I achieve what I want, but... And here comes my question:) :

Is it possible to somehow separate Stereo Out for mid and for side, without change "out' in each individual track ? Some plugins (such as Fabfilter) have impemented mid/side possibility. There is no problem then. I put the plugin on the master bus and its OK.

But most do not have, and that is why I am looking for a quicker way to use mid / side on the master bus than mine, which I described at the top...


PS. I would like to do this in project (Not in rendered one track of finished song)

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