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Mackie 1620i to Logic (via FireWire to MacbookPro) need help

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I have been testing a ca. 1 year old used Mackie 1620i FireWire mixer today (at the owner's place, so I don't have access to it at the moment) that I'm looking to purchase mainly for home recording. Everything seems OK except for the FireWire connection.


Setup: Mackie Onyx 1620i to Macbook Pro ( OS X 10.8 ) to Logic Express 9.


Mackie shows up in Audio MIDI Setup and I can select it as both the input & output device but strangely I can't set the sampling rate. I can pop up the list but when clicking anything other than the default setting it disappears with no changes.


That aside, after Logic is running (takes 1-2 minutes to launch when the mixer is connected, despite new SSD) I set Mackie as the input device in preferences. I attempted to record on a single mono track but there's nothing coming into the software. I matched the inputs on the Mackie and in Logic of course, tried on multiple channels with the Mackie gain set pretty high and also checked SystemPreferences-Sound-Input but neither there is any incoming signal showing.


I'm past multiple reboots of the Mackie, Logic, Macbook in various orders with no success. With GarageBand I couldn't even get to start a recording due to extreme slowdowns (continuous beachballs) and had to force quit it.


Where's the issue?

FireWire cable? Audio MIDI Setup preferences? Logic preferences?

Is it possible that there's something wrong with the mixer itself?


I have not used FireWire mixers previously so it's possible that I'm missing a setting in OS X and/or Logic though the slowdowns indicate to me rather an incompatibility between the mixer and either the Macbook and/or Logic.


As ways of troubleshooting I will try to test this mixer with an iMac running OS X 10.6.8 and the same Macbook Pro with another Mackie 1620i but until then I would be very grateful for your comments. Thanks!

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Thanks. I tested the same Macbook Pro with the smaller 1220i which connected flawlessly despite it's being supported only up to 10.7 also. It must have been something with the 1620i, probably it's FireWire "unit".


I ended up buying an interface only, a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 because as of now I can get away without a mixer and you can expect Focusrite to support even future versions of OS X as well. Mackie doesn't even support the current version..

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