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Virus Snow and Logic , going out of time?


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hi guys,


sorry about posting another one of these threads but read all the others and still having problems.


Every time i have the Virus inserted on a channel and loop the channel when the loop comes back to the start the virus will then be out of time


So at the moment i can only have a loop playing in time until it reaches the end of the loop.. then it goes out of time


ive tried putting the buffer size to 256 but same thing



Anyone have any tips on this? Is it the same problems with other models of Virus (desktop ti/KB ti/ ti2) ?


Am losing all hope with it now! think if i cant sort this ill have to get rid :(

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thanks for the reply david


no its only playing single notes (not a sequence). usually stays in time up to the point of where it hits the end of the cycle then goes out of time..


what exactly do you mean 'synced'?

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