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Logic @ 0dB


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I route all the tracks to a common Aux and set that output to a new bus so that I can record everything to a new audio track.


During the recording, all level meters indicate the levels to be identical. In other words, the output of the common AUX channels strip is identical to the input of the new audio track.




However upon playback, the peak of the audio is reduced to 0dBFS with little change to the RMS value.


I notice this same behavior when bouncing and pulling the audio back into Logic.


This topic may have been covered before (separate issue than normalize), but does Logic somehow limit the audio?

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...i.e. the signal you're trying to record from is a 32 bit floating point signal which will exceed a 24 bit (fixed point) word. Lower the general levels in your mix and everything will be behave as expected. Another good reason not to clip unless you know exactly what's going on. ;-)



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