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Pressing Punch In cycle button behaving strangely


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Here's a weird one. I'm assuming I invoked some odd thing without knowing. When I press the red Punch In/Out cycle button in the transport controls, it doesn't bring up that light red cycle band in the timeline. Instead, it makes the green cycle band fatter. :shock:


I checked this in another project, and it behaves normally there.


Don't know if any of this is relevant, but: The project I'm working in developed some problems while I was recording a midi track. I was trying using the 'create take folder'. I'd experienced problems with that, and hadn't tried using it in a long time, but came across a thread here where some people were talking about using it, so I thought I'd give it a go. Sure enough, I started getting audio glitches, and had to restart.


I also used time machine to go back to a saved version of this project, that was saved before the problem with the audio occured. But now there's this strange punch in cycle behavior.


Gremlins? Evil spirits? Operator error?

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That is what was going on, thank you Eric. For some reason the red punch in/out cycle bar wasnt showing. Turning it on and off made the green cycle band get smaller and larger, as it does normally, to accommodate the punch in band.


I subsequently ran into some other problems with this project file today. I think it got corrupted when it crashed. I imported the tracks into a new empty project and all seems well now.

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