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Logic 9 problems running slow with MacPro 32g Ram SnowLpd


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Well its taken a while, but this is my first foray into the world of forums! I'm so hacked off with this regular problem and havent been able to find anything anywhere to solve it i thought i'd see if anyone has any similiar issues and maybe even a solve to it.


So.... im an orchestrator and producer and after my mid 2008 Macbook Pro with 8g ram started freezing up i invested in this 3 years ago -


Mac Pro 2x 2.4ghz Quad Core intel Xeon and stuck in 32gb of lovely Crucial RAM and 3 seperate internal 1TB drives with one for operating system (10.6.8), one for Audio recording/saving and one for all my sample libraries.


32gb ram - should be enough i thought!


So i regularly run at least 30 VI's - Ni The giant, Spitfire Orchestral librabies (say 12 string instruments up to 0.69g per load) LASS strings, plus perc STYLUS, ABBEY road drums, Trillian basses (acoustic/electric), ominisphere etc etc. So pretty hefty sample instruments. But theyre sooo nice!!


In addition, the 32 bit server will come alive (NOT! So unstable i find) with my Waves plugs etc.


Looking at ACTIVITY MONITOR however i might be not touching 9 gig (and sometimes even less) of usage for Logic, and only say 800MB for 32 bit server and have NOTHING else open - and what do i find .....


- Mouse lag and cant really do anything with the mouse whilst playing the track - cant adjust volume - too slow, zooming problems

- Takes a good 2-3 seconds for track to stop playing

Dont get System OVERLOADS so much, its just that the system goes REALLLLLY slow.



What ive tried- - -


- Running Mountain Lion off another drive (havent had time to install it and wanted to be sure everything worked etc)

- Tried all audio prefs - large/small buffers/threads etc and yes i am on 1024.


in a nutshell how come with 32g RAM everything is so slow when barely using 10g of that???????


I dread getting to the end of a project cos i know im gonna be freezing so much, but with so much editing all the time for the orchestral parts i need everything unfrozen and working.


Sorry if this is long winded but wanted to describe what im experiencing.


Any feedback most welcome! Thankyou in advance.




Mac Pro 2x 2.4ghz Quad Core intel Xeon 32g RAM, 3TB storage


Logic Pro 9.1.8

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First, your RAM use seems normal, and the issues you see, point towards CPU problems more than RAM problems. You seem to use a a big array of heavyweight instruments, probably some of them or all of them also running their own onboard effects, plus extra effects and inserts you may have in addition. The fact that you get these lags also point towards CPU and/or GPU being taxed to near maximum, OR you could have Punch on the Fly enabled.

Few questions: are there any other apps open when you're using Logic? Are there any background apps that might interfere? And what do the Logic CPU-meters look like when this happens?

Also, try setting the process buffer range to large, and setting the amount of available processing threads to the highest available maximum, instead of to automatic. These settings are all found on the same tab as the I/O buffer setting.

Also, you should update your Waves to the 64 bit versions, so you can avoid using that wonky bridge as much as possible.


O, and I don't know if you've already read this document, it may help:


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