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Specific Piano sound (new on this forum)

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I am new to this forum and have been using Logic Pro since September 2012 mainly due to switching from PC to Mac. I do like the piano sounds that Logic provides very much (and that you can tweak them further) but there is one specific piano sounds that I am unable to find in Logic or through 3rd party plugins.


It is very fat piano sound and the prime example of this would be the song ”Have a Nice Day”, a short demo song played by Mike Moran (with Freddie Mercury on vocals). I specifically like the bass sound of this piano and that it sounds ”fat” and ”wide”



Or another example (same piano played by Mike Moran). The song itself is a demo, and Freddie Mercury was improvising after drinking half a bottle of vodka (so dont mind the vocals!)


Especially the part starting at 1:25 min !





Can anyone point me in the right direction what type of plugin I should buy to get this exact same fat/wide almost gospel like piano sound?

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Well in the end I finally found a great sounding piano (with a great ”bass” sound). Apart from ”Grand Piano” I also installed the ”Upright Piano”. They are awesome


EZkeys Grand piano:



EZkeys Upright piano



Also the guys from Protools Experts have published a very long review:

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