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How to assign the sounds of MIDI-signals


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I can't seem to find the answer to this somewhere, so I'll ask it here:


My band is recording some drums, and we're connecting drum triggers on all the drums and then into an Alesis i0 trigger hub (this: http://www.amazon.com/Alesis-Trigger-Percussion-MIDI-Interface/dp/B000SM96GE. No commercial purposes intended, I just need to show what I'm talking about) which is connected to the mac through a USB cable. We have also connected a Roland drum machine (?) from the digital drumset (http://www.csaudio.com/Modules/TD6/TD-6.htm. Again not for commercial purposes) to the Alesis device (midi in, midi out. We have borrowed the Alesis device from a friend, so we're not allowed to change the way the cables are set up from the triggers into the device. Therefore, in the speakers with sound coming out from Logic, one tom sounds like a cow-bell and another tom sounds like a crash.


Is there a way to assign the midi sounds within Logic 9 WITHOUT having to fiddle with the cables in the Alesis device?


I'm sorry if this is a little messy explaination, but ask, and I will add some more details of what you're wondering about.

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One way would be to set up a Mapped Instrument in the Environment to 'convert' incoming MIDI notes to the desired Output notes




In the example, E1 ( SD2) has been remapped to C5


Disconnect the Mapped Instrument and reconnect all cables after you have finished with the drums, or add a Cable Switcher




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It sounds like you need to use the mapped instrument object in the Environment.


Open an environment window (Cmd-8) and create a new layer from the menu at the top left of the window. Add a Mapped Instrument object from the "New" menu and in the Inspector, assign the Port to the Alesis' MIDI out.


In the Arrange, make a new External MIDI track, right click it and reassign the track to the Mapped Instrument you just created. Hopefully at this point you should be able to trigger sounds on the Roland drum machine.


Back to the Environment and double-click on the Mapped Instrument. Hit one of the triggers and its note should be selected. Now you can change the output note to trigger the sound you want.

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If the Roland drum machine's audio outputs are plugged into your audio interface, you'll have to either monitor it through the interface or create an audio track in Logic to monitor it through (make sure "Software Monitoring" is turned on in Audio Preferences)
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Can you walk me through that?

Do you own an audio interface? If yes which one? Please add your Logic version and system info to your signature: Forum Rules - please READ THIS before posting (#5)


Basically you connect the audio outputs of your drum machine to audio inputs on your audio interface.


In Logic, you create a new stereo audio track (Track > New) with its inputs set to the audio interface input numbers where you've connected the drum machine. You can then click the "I" (Input Monitor) button on the track header to route the track's live inputs to your mix.


Make sure that under Logic Pro > Preferences > Audio, Devices, Core Audio, you have "Software monitoring" enabled.

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