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Copying Comp Folders Misbehaviour [SOLVED]

Brian of Hampstead

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Long time Logic user, using it a bit differently and it's playing up - any thoughts?


I have recorded a 12 track drum session in loop, creating a comp folder for each track. All 12 tracks are grouped together, and all of these foldered together into a single master folder for neatness. Let's say it was a 16 bar loop and I got the drummer to play around it 10 times, changing his feel.


When I later started editing, I sliced the comp track into 2 bar sections, and then listened through the entire session, colouring in each 2 bar section for identification - red for good bit, brown for crap etc, so I would be able to build from the best bits. (Aside: As well as simply being the way I used to comp, before comp folders and swipe comping came along, another reason for slicing the sections is so I can move a well played bar 4-5 to position bar 8-9. As the 12 tracks are grouped doing this would be easy.)


All good so far. I comp up a great sounding 16 bar Verse 1. I want a different feel to Verse 2, so (at top arrange page level) I copy the master drum comp folder to Verse 2 position, and then change the comp inside to suit the new feel.


Here's the problem - doing this changes the Verse 1 comp. It doesn't change the look of what's in the folder - all the correct sections are highlit - but instead of playing Verse 1 drums it plays Verse 2 drums. And if I re-comp Verse 1 back to what it should be, that changes Verse 2 to playback the Verse 1 comp. It behaves a bit like it's an alias, not a copy.


I don't want to flatten or merge the comp, I'm still writing so want full flexibility to change my mind. I've tried my usual list of fixes when something plays up - reboots, etc - but no banana. Anyone else had this problem? Better still, a solution?



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