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Logics built-in Synth patches


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Hi there.


Im running a very basic and fairly short 6 week music production course in a local youth club centrered around producing an instrumental in Logic for Rappers on another course to use as their instrumental.


As what is classed as cool amongst the kids these days has continued to move on and trancey leads sounds for example do not cut it with them, I wondered if anyone could help me out with the names and locations of some of their favourite built in logic presets (any synth) for some of the more current styles of urban music although not just urban, could be housey etc.


The attention span of these kids is very short yet they want their tunes to sound amazing! Looking at synthesis and patch creation is a bit beyond the scope of this course although there will be some tweaking. What is far more effective is immediate hands on gratification with presets that they consider cool so they just get straight on with writing the track. An orchestral Bass stacato sound will get them very excited for example whereas a bell like pad sound will be ridiculed. Im having trouble finding enough decent options.


So, Id be really interested to see any thoughts/patch names from the knowledgeable logic users here of any cool leads, bass, pads etc that I could check out and have at the fingertips ready to show them. I know most dudes will probably barely look at presets, but if you had to what might you suggest?!


Many thanks for your time.



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I think to do something that quickly sounds good, investigate your Apple Loops, drums and bass; use green (MIDI) ones, so that there's full freedom to alter sounds or even patterns. Especially the Jam Pack Remix Tools have a lot of "urban" rythms that immediately get the feet tapping and get the "yeahs" and the "digging its" going. And all those loops automatically load the 'right' sounds when dragged 'n dropped on arrange.
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