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Bouncing Ultrabeat Combo Kick Drum


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I've been working hard at making kick drums lately. Ultrabeat is a great tool for this compared to the expensive plugins that are available via 3rd parties. Making them from scratch os not so easy but I'm getting better. The high end is the hardest part, so this time I'm borrowing the click or snap from a sample.


So in this instance, there is a sample in the C1 slot with all of the bottom end rolled off. I then have a pitched sine wave in C2 and an unpitched since wave in C3.


Together they sound great. A little EQ and DBX-160, fantastic.


However, when I bounce in place, with or without the effect plugins, my audio file is a distorted mess.


I feel like I'm missing an easy step but can't put my finger on it. When I play back the audio file, whether in the sample editor or on the arrange page......it sound like a hard core distorted kick, not a smooth one like there is when I play the three midi notes via Ultrabeat.


I do not select the normalize option in the bounce in place window, but I'm pretty sure you are never supposed to do that, no? I just can't figure out why my bounce audio file sounds so different. I usually bounce the original, then with EQ, then with EQ and compression just to see it all. But all of them sound distorted. Even when I turn the gain down very far, it sounds like quiet distortion.


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Worked, thanks. I didn't have any volume automation. So it seems that unless that is checked, maybe it bounces at 0dBFS?


You're welcome.


The parameter is just named that way because it will bounce through the Volume fader and respect it's automation if present.

You're problem is in gain staging. The volume fader is compensating for that, being at -17.2 dB. But when bouncing pre-fader you are clipping as you have now experienced.


Insert a gain metering plug-in on the last slot to see the amount of gain you are overshooting by or simply engage pre-fader metering.

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