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Midi notes in a saved project have changed for some reason!


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I have a project which I use for MIDI ideas on an idea/riff/melody per track basis, a place where I can keep ideas together. I always use a piano preset for this.


I've just opened it to record something and everything's fine so far.


I then go a listen to some previous tracks and they all sound different. The notes have changed - I can see this on the piano roll and score editors, it's not like they've been transposed and are all equal, they sound different, just random chords - they sound awful. The only thing that hasn't changed is the rhythm of the tracks, it is only the rhythm that allows me to remember what the track sounded like before.


Once an idea is down I don't mess around with it in this project, I leave it as it is, save it and close it. And work on it in it's own project.


This project isn't place where I mess around in, its just for idea templates. Nobody uses this computer apart from me and I wouldn't do any of this.


Any advice would be appreciated, as to why this can happen?



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No chords in the global chord track, all blank. I leave everything as its on this project, just record and that's it.


I checked out the backups in the backups folder and the most recent one is fine, there has been no change at all in that and the rest. phew.

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