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Score View and multiple Regions


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I have always found this a little difficult to understand. Is someone please able to understand.

I want to be able to select a region, press "N" for notation and see the score of what is being played. Then, when I'm hitting "R" to record and play, still wish to see the selected Region that I initially selected. (Say for example one wishes to view the piano part whilst recording down a string part). As soon as I play a note, the display jumps to the new recorded track


I'm always a bit confused about the link windows. I can never seem to get what I want.


Furthermore, I wish to look at the SCORE say of only selected clips but in a "SCORE" View.


I am trying for example right now to only look at a Bass and Tuba part (playing mostly in unison) whilst recording a Pizz Cello part.

I wish to view only the Tuba, Bass and record my new part down. I don't wish to see all the score for the other tracks.


I have selected only the Regions I wish to view (Tuba and Bass) but when I hit "N", i get the entire score.


Make sense anyone?


Can anyone please help?





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This is related to Window Linking and Score Sets:


To maintain the view of a Region whilst recording, select it and view in the Score, then turn off the Window Linking (Yellow Chain turns Gray)


To make a new Score set, select the regions that you want to view and open a new Score window via Windows;Score. You could also manually set up the appropriate Score Set and perhaps use Screensets to make the process more flexible.



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