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Recording External Synth Sounds [SOLVED]


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Recording External Synthesizer Sounds


I want to record the sounds from my external Yamaha synthesizer. I connected the MIDI and audio ports to my synth. I created an “external MIDI” track and recorded a few notes. I can replay it just fine, and the Yamaha sounds come through. But when I bounce this track I get no sound, even with “real time” selected.


Is there a way to record this track as audio? When I control-click the region and select “Bounce and Merge” I see “Bounce In Place”, but it’s greyed out.

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I'm assuming you have the synth plugged into Inputs 1+2 (on the front).


Press option-cmd-N or choose "New..." from the Track menu to create a new track.


Set number=1, Choose "Audio" as the type, Format=stereo, Input=Input 1-2, Output=Output 1-2. Hit "Create".


On your new track, press the record enable button (the "R" button should be red - you have probably seen this before on your External MIDI track).


Play a few notes on your synth and make sure you have a good level on the audio track channel strip meters.


now go to the beginning of where you recorded the MIDI and press record.


This is the equivalent of a "bounce in place" for external synths.


That's it! Let us know how you get on!

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