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Bypassing effects on output track


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Hi there everyone :)


I've been using Logic for about half a year now and I can say that it was an amazing improvement over GarageBand. :lol: However, there are probably still a bunch of things that I can't do, haven't tried or don't even know about.


I'm currently working on a trancy electronic song. My plan was for it to start out with a full sound but with a heavy lowpass filter effect on the output track that gradually disappeared as the song continues. This went nicely, but I was wondering if there was a way to bypass the filter for just one track, so I could have that track running normally while the rest of the song is effected by the filter on the output track. I wanted to do this after I had the beginning of the song made, so I don't want to go through and apply the same filter adn automation to every track.


Is there any way to do this? Any help would be appreciated! :D



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Welcome to Logic Pro Help!


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About your question...


You could set the output of all tracks (except the one you don't want to be affected by the filter) to the same bus. An aux channel will be automatically created with this bus as the input. Place your filter there. If you had already done some automation for the filter, leave the filter on the output channel and load a new one on the aux channel. Then copy the automation data from the output channel to the aux channel (both channels should have tracks in the arrange if you want to copy/paste automation).



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