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could anyone program this kind an AU...?

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hi there... (I didn't think it was pricisely a feature suggestion.. so I post here...)


well, I think I'm a bit greedy maybe...

but earlier, I was thinking if anyone could program such a thing...

(as I have got no idea how to program plug ins and stuffs...)


OR, is there already one???


which is...

an AU plug in that specifically to browse samples... like Kontakt's sample browser section only.. or, Cubase's Media bay...


since Logic's sample browser is a bit lame (esp. tempo sync(for non Apple's), sample rate, and response)

and when da £¢∞§¶ is LPX coming out (with a dedicated sample browser (...would it??))


what I want basically are...

*sample rate independent audition

*tempo sync on/off (as in Cubase, Live etc..)

*snappy audition response as Kontakt's / Cubase's

*and if possible, drag&drop to load...


just for a little while (I hope) until LPX comes out...


AudioFinder(app) is great, but it wouldn't sync to the song... (would it?)


nevertheless, I've got Live to rewire afterall... but you know... am just sayin'... (Live's sync anchors sometimes nonesense...)

(and most of the time I forget to quit it first (for this kind of little use))



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