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Recording audio takes? [SOLVED]


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HI, I´m having a little problem trying to record audio takes and create take folders

My cycle button is on, and my replace button in off

When I start recording the first take it´s fine, but when the second one begins, the audio from the first one doesn´t mute, so I have multiple tracks playing at the same time, it is really confusing. In the end it, the take folder isn´t even created.

Someone please help.

Thank You

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Are you sure you're recording audio? And not MIDI? Can you show a screenshot of what's going on on that track after the recording?



I don't really know the difference between an audio record and a MIDI. I don't use a keyboard yet, I'm playing with the keyboard from my MacBook (with the CAPS LOCK on), if that's your question.


Here's the first Record



Here's the region during the recording of the second track



And here's the final track.



You see, it doesn't create any new take, simply records the first one over the second one.

I don't know what to do.

Thank you

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