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Adjusting wet/dry signal during playback [SOLVED]


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Hi guys, sorry for such a simple request, but I'm new to Logic and trying to record my guitar. I'd like to hear only the wet signal (using amp designer) through my headphones, which are plugged into the Apogee ONE for ipod and mac, and do so without the dry signal included. I've read around and can't find much. How is this accomplished? I've tried setting up an aux bus and putting my amp designer on that, then lowering the volume of my audio track, but this doesn't lead me anywhere yet. Anyway, here's what I've got:



Apogee ONE for ipod/mac

OS 10.8.3

Logic Pro 9.1.8


guitar -> ONE -> computer.


Logic settings: input and output: ONE + software monitoring tab on.

audio MIDI (apple system settings): ONE selected for in+out



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Turn off software monitoring in Logic Pro > Preferences > Audio and see if you can still hear your dry guitar. If yes, then fastfourier is right. Explore Maestro to turn off the dry monitoring routing (you shouldn't hear your guitar at all). Then re-enable software monitoring in Logic to hear your wet guitar.
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