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MIDI transposes by itself when duplicating or copying SOLVED


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Ok, so I'm starting to have this problem where the MIDI transposes by itself when creating duplicate or copying. For example, when I create a duplicate of a MIDI region by option dragging, the MIDI notes transpose themselves to different places randomly by itself, I have no idea why this is happening. It's very annoying because it is slowing me down drastically since I basically have to edit everything and put the notes in its correct places. Any ideas? Anyone else experiencing this?
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I don't understand why it would have any effect on a drum track though?


It won't affect the events on your drum track if you check its "No Transpose" parameter in the track parameters box in the inspector.


Or do I delete the chords to make it stop?


You should avoid using the Chord track precisely because it affects transposition of your MIDI events. It's very easy to screw things up with the Chord track. If you just need to to spell out the chords for the sections of your song, use the Marker track instead.


If you're going to delete what you already have on the Chord track, make sure you check the No Transpose parameter on ALL your tracks first (or check the "Change Display Only" box on the Chord track)...otherwise it will mess up the music you've done big time!



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