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Best CSS for vocal guide?

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Hi All,


Just looking for your experience in the following situation:

After recording and mixing the supporting music tracks, I would like to introduce a special track to support the singer as a guide.

What kind of Control Strip Setting do you use in such a case?

As far as I am concerned, it should have more or less the same bandwidth, attack et cetera as the male or female singer. Am I right?


Hope you want to share this with me.


Many thanks in advance!




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If you mean an instrument track (a Channel Strip Setting, not Control -) that plays the melody "as the singer is supposed to sing it", well, it depends - I choose the sound based on what sounds OK in that mix - I tend to use blown instruments (Sax, French or English Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Fluegelhorn) because they "resemble" a voice more than plucked or hammered instruments. But there really are no rules or secrets. A Synth lead sound can also be just fine.

If a vocal melody track is not what you meant, well, then what do you mean?

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Sorry, guys.

Indeed, I should have stated Channel Strip Setting. :oops: And, yes, I mean an instrument that plays the melody to support the singer while recording.

Blown instruments seem the best alternative to me so far; although the (relatively slow) attack might be a problem if the melody changes quickly. But a synth lead might be the solution in those cases perhaps.


Thanks for sharing, Eriksimon!


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