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MX4 and Mach 5 do not appear in Logic [SOLVED]


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By the instrument slot, I assume you mean the same slot form which one loads Omnishpere, IvoryII, Play, etc.


If that is what you mean, then yes, that is how I'm trying to use them.


For some reason, although they both can be launched standalone and work fine, the AUManager crashes when it tries to validate them, and I've tried it in both 32- and 64-bit mode. I know the instruments themselves work because i can use them in ProTools.


So, for now, it's a puzzler.

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MX4 doesn't work in 64bit.

In 32 bit you can force it to work.


Click on the check box in AU manager for it. It will crash the validation, then click on it again and it will work.

You'll find it under Other in AU Instruments


You didn't mention what version of Mach Five do you have 2-3?

ver 2 doesn't work in 64bit too. You can make it work the same way as MX4


Ver 3 works in 64bit, but in 32bit you have to force it as for MX4.


Make sure you have the latest versions


Mach Five 3.1.4

MX4 2.2.2


hope it helps



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Thanks. Updated MX4 to the latest version last night with same results. So I ran the updater again just to make sure. Even though it is the latest 2.2.2 update, it comes up in the AUValidation window as 2.2.1. Oddly enough, it validated without a hitch.


Not surprisingly, it sounds like crap. Audio output is about half of the other VI synths, and it lacks the clarity and punch that it has when running in ProTools and DP7. I would have to upgrade Mach5, and for right now, I'm not even sure it's worth it. It just looks like the MOTU stuff might not be as compatible in Logic as they say it is.


No matter. I've got plenty of other arrows in my quiver. It's just annoying to have something I've paid for not function like it should.


It rubs my OCD the wrong way, knowhatimean, eh?


Anyway, thanks for the input, guys. Onward.

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