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Displaying rectified waveforms?


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Surely that is an electrical thing more than a sonic thing? And no, you can't because there's no negative range shown in the arrange stereo waveform. The "stalagmites" are the left channel, the "stalagtites" are the right channel...




it is an unusual way of drawing a waveform, but I prefer it over the more common "two track lane" view.

So what you see is in a way already (half-?)rectified. Doubly.

If you have a mono audiofile, then you have the "normal" view: positive and negative and the 0 line in the middle - so a mono rectified wave should show up as such. I'm not sure how and even if it will sound though. I never heard a rectified wave (that I am aware of). I doubt wether it is at all possible to rectify longitudinal waves.

I'm still not entirely sure what you mean with "rectified". Hope this was it.

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I often prefer the rectified waveform view. When viewing the waveforms as rectified, the positive and negative amplitudes are summed together to create a single positive value display. Editing automation is a bit more exact (at least for me) when using rectified waveforms. Snapper does this as well as PT. Just curious if it was possible in Logic Pro.


Using it right now in Snapper as a matter of fact lol




here's the full screenshot:



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