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32bit soft instrument plugins under Mac OS 10.8 or 10.9 ?


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Hi there,


I was wondering if older 32bit plugins will still work under MAC OS 10.8 or 10.9. I heard that there was no 32bit bridge anymore.

Is this true?


The 32bit plugin in question is the old Virtual Guitarist 2 by Steinberg.




MacPro 2008, 18GB RAM, MAC OS 10.6.8, Logic Pro 9.1.8 in 64bit mode

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they say 10.6+ are not supprted.. (but 10.6.8 you say... is it working??)



basically, on ML, most of 32bit plugins work...

(...Logic in 32bit mode btw..)


and bridge is still there (LP9 on ML) ..Mavericks... I dunno... where da flippipn LPX...


as I also am an owner of this plugin... looked for an installer for ML when I bought this MBP..

and I'm acknowledged that it is now discontinued...(for quite a while)

so didn't even bother DL'ing it... (a license is still in the key...)


didn't use much so kind a wasted my money...

I muck a guitar up (terribly) anyway...


(you know... this plug in is kind a sample library... 8) )




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Thanks much, GeoG!

Well, yes it is bizarre that VG 2 still works via 32bit bridge in Logic 64bit.

I might assume now that it will continue to work in 10.7., 10.8 or 10.9...


Let's see after I made the switch I guess.




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