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Logic Pro not recognizing Finale MIDI tempos [SOLVED]


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When I open my Finale MIDI project in Logic, it is not recognizing my tempo changes. It is just one fast tempo. Any advice?


I am not dropping the midi file into Logic, I am opening it via Logic. I have heard this was the way that tempos would be recognized but it is not working for me.

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I was only wondering about this no offense intended. But why are you using Finale if you have Logic?

Beating the Drum and blowing the horn for Logic 9!

I used to use Harmony Assistant for composing as well as Finale Note pad( and other DAW's). Then set all the CODA's Segno's etc.Velocitys, tempos all of it then import to Logic 9.

After bugging everyone here with questions and months of reading the Manual I learned to score in Logic 9 as well as many other things.

I never looked Back. I can do it all in Logic 9. One stop composing, real time recording, audio recording, mix downs. Editing It's mostly in there.

I'm sure you have your reasons for using Finale(this is a joke) like spending the money for it.

Please do not take offense to my comments.

P.S.I tried Finale Songwriter and returned it.



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