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Key Assignments (Expert View) w/ MIDI Keyboard [SOLVED]


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Hi, I have a technical issue and was hoping someone here enjoys drilling down into the finer points of MIDI messages...




Version: Logic 9.1.8

Keyboard: AKAI MPK49

Interface: Phonic Firefly 302+

What I did:


I wanted to explore MIDI control of the interface, so I assigned the fader, knobs and switch banks on the MPK (see pic below) to control Volume, Pan and Solo functions, respectively, on the first 24 channel strips in Logic. No problem with the Volume and Pan. But Solo doesn't quite work right - I have to press the switch twice as many times as I should have to, the MIDI display in the transport bar in Logic only shows the input values half the time (for values 0 or 127, but not both as I think it should) and when the switches on the MPK are 'on' and lit up (transmitting a value of 127) they don't necessarily correspond to the activated lit Solo for that channel strip (which I would like), they act more as a dumb toggle.


What I want it to do:


I'd to press the MPK switches once to activate Solo for a channel strip and once to disengage it (obviously). I'd also like for the switches on the MPK to correspond to the proper Solo state ('lit' = on, dark = off) regardless of whether the Solo was already engaged (i.e. via mouse click), and for the MIDI display in Logic's transport bar to show the correct MIDI input messages. Duh, right?


Partial solution (screenshot below):


I changed the Input Message from 'B0 22 7F' (default from the Learn Mode) to 'B0 22 Lo7' to get the Solo to toggle properly with every press of the switch (but the lit/unlit states still didn't correspond). Then I inverted the Min/Max values to 127 & 0, respectively and for some reason that got the MIDI display in the transport bar to correctly show the input messages from the MPK (127 = 'lit' and 0 = 'unlit'), but then the Solo stopped working. I messed around with a bunch of other parameters to no avail. AHhhhhhhh...


Can someone please tell me what the key assignment settings need to be to do this?







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